Problem with post pages/subpages

Hi Frontity community! :wave:

I have a problem with my first Frontity project, it’s unfinished and posts are just for sample.
I have app deployed on Vercel and domain is pointed to this app at Vercel settings, its

Wordpress source is under

And to the point:
When you enter main adress everything is ok, but when you enter any post or nav link and hit refresh you will get Internal Server Error. The same situation is when you will try to enter site by a direct link for example:

That problem is not appearing when you hit direct source of WP for example Positiano, Clementoni – Puzzletywnie

I think is something about routing or maybe domain setting but I cant get the problem solved. Can someone help me with that?

Here link to my repo when you can find this project:

Sorry for ugly code formatting in some places but its still under construction :wink:

Thank you in advance!

Hi @tsypko,

Welcome to our Community!

When you launch the project locally and you get this message in the browser you should also get some errors from the terninal. What are they saying?

Unfortunately I get just same error and thats all.
“GET http://localhost:3000/positiano-clementoni/ 500 (Internal Server Error)”

Same situtation as on live version.

Hello again,
problem solved :champagne: :wink:

Main culprit was that line of code @ post.js

<Title dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: post.title.rendered }} onClick={{ name: "tytul wpisu", payload: { category: "wpisy", label: post.title.rendered } })} /> 

But still, I dont know why this onClick analytics event was causing the problem.