Problem with contact form 7 on a customised theme

Hello everyone!
I am new to this wonderful framework and I am trying to improve by making a theme from scratch.
I had a problem with the contact form 7. I followed the steps of [this package] but when I press the send button, I get this problem:

Here is the repository of my project in case you want to see/clone the project, but for now it doesn’t have much code and css.
I need your help.
Thank you very much!

Hi @virgilionayal

Welcome to the Frontity community. It’s great to see that you’re trying Frontity out.

There’s an issue with the version of frontity-contact-form-7 on npm. There’s an incompatibility with the latest version of Contact Form 7.

Instead of installing it with npm we suggest you install it manually from here.

Alternatively use an earlier version of the Contact Form plugin. Go the advanced part of the Contact Form 7 plugin page and scroll down to the bottom. You can choose which version you want to download - choose any version earlier than 5.2.

Let us know if this fixes the issue for you.

Hello @mburridge
Thank you very much for answering. I have been doing some tests and it works.
But I have activated reCAPTCHA in the Contact Form 7 plugin and does not send the emails, why does this happen?
If I deactivate reCAPTCHA the form works perfectly.

Hello, I have the same problem as @virgilionayal, can you help me with this problem, reCAPTCHA V3 does not allow contact form 7 to work correctly.

Could you help me?

Hi @alejandro @virgilionayal

The Frontity Contact Form 7 package is fairly basic and only supports input type=text and textarea fields. Such things as select form elements or other input types such as radio or checkbox are not supported so I don’t imagine that the reCAPTCHA will work either.

As far as we’re aware Imran doesn’t seem to be supporting it anymore, but it’s released under the GPLv2 licence, so feel free to fork it and develop it further to update/enhance it, or contribute to the existing project. Support for more form elements would be useful for anyone working with Frontity and CF7.

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