Potential upcoming issue with Vercel

Hi there!

I received a notification from Vercel a couple months ago saying that they were disabling Node.js 16 in February 2024. From what I understand, I believe Frontity only works up until version 16.

Is this looming issue or is there a solution in place? Getting kind of nervous and wondering what the options are for our website. Thanks in advance!


so indeed its a looming issue. I am also worried about it and I still have to look for a solution. Most probably will have to fork frontity, update the parts that don’t work with node 18 and use that.

I will make sure to post it here if I have any news.

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The only issue, I see with using node 18 in my tests - are the unsuported envelope issue, in regards to the open ssl update in node 17.

This should be fixable, by forking frontity and updating the webpack version it’s using. (It only fails in the build process, the serve function seems to work fine).

If you are desperate - you can add --development to the build function in package.json. This disables the webpack optimizations, which uses the outdated crypto for hashing the files :smiley:


Thanks for explaining @frederik.nordahl . I honestly havent even tried to fix it yet, I just know its because of the unsuported envelope issue as you mentioned.
Thanks for the info, I will place an update once this is resolved on our side.

There are also another work around, which I personally think is a tiny bit better than adding --development.

.npmrc in your root, and then add


I would much prefer that we get it fixed in the frontity package though, as each time we reach one of these blockers - we jump through hoops :smiley:


I agree and thats my plan. I want to fix it properly and make a PR to the frontity package. Then we just need to somehow grab the attention of the ex-frontity team so they can merge/release it on NPM. If not we can maybe combine forces and make a frontity-community-edition just so we can keep it working and prevent issues like this.

I know it has been said before, we’re still very much on board to work together on it. The only thing that I think is needed is some leadership that is going to mark the times etc. (The leadership part I do not think I can do it, Im not that advanced).