Potential Supported Sources

This is a post to talk about possible sources for Frontity. Right now we have in mind these:

WordPress.org REST API


This is the default REST API for self-hosted WordPress sites.

WordPress.com REST API:


This is the REST API of the sites hosted on WordPress.com by Automattic.

  • The idea of using WP.com as a free Headless CMSs for new blogs it’s very interesting because they won’t need to host a WP server themselves.
  • Frontity would be also useful for big sites hosted in WordPress VIP (Techcrunch? :wink:)

WordPress.org WPGraphQL plugin:


This is a very interesting plugin that gives a GraphQL endpoint to WordPress.

  • It may be more efficient for some type of queries that require more than one request in the REST API otherwise.

Other Headless CMSs (Contentful, Sanity…):


There are many other Headless CMS’s out there that offer APIs.

  • It opens the door to no WordPress CMSs.

Ghost.org REST API:


It looks like Ghost is exploring the Headless CMS possibilities. It may be interesting to see what’s their approach. For example, they have a webhook service which may be used to trigger a new deploy of static pages.

We think we should go for both the WP.org REST API and WP.com REST API because they are pretty similar and that way we make sure the abstraction on top makes sense. It’s easier to make decisions about the abstraction for two things than for one.

We should also look at the other options to make sure they can be easily integrated in the future with the chosen abstraction.

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For this possible future CMS we could also analyze Strapi. It is free and open source like Frontity and it seems they are doing really well

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