Porting my old WordPress Theme to Frontity Package

So i was learning Frontity for a month on my spare time. I really enjoy it! As my learning process, i tried to porting my old project to the Frontity one.
Here is the comparison between WP theme and Frontity:
WP: https://eb2.demoapp.xyz/
Frontity: https://kebra.vercel.app/

If you guys interested, you can check the source here GitHub - qbons/kebra
I would really appreciate if someone can review my code and discuss the issue here.



Hi @qbonszone the UI is looking good. It will be very good if you use React Headroom npm package to stick your header on scroll to top.

Yeah thanks. Well it’s client decision, not mine. Soo …

When you say β€œport” the old theme, do you mean just recreating it? Is there some tool which makes it easier to convert the old theme?

Aah sorry for the ambiguity, i mean i just using recreating the theme from HTML phase.

Ok, yea that’s what I have been doing. was just wondering if there was an easier way. does give me an idea for a plugin, though.