Photo-Gallery with Frontity

Hi All

I did another Frontity-Site, this time it has been something a bit different. A few years back (I think around 8-10) I have created a wordpress site to show off my personal photo portfolio. And last week I did came across this project:

So, I thought using the react-image-gallery with Frontity, to display the images in the gallery based on the uploaded images of a wordpress site.


Potential Improvements:

  • Currently the category is still hardcoded in the handler, maybe move this to the configurations
  • Allow multiple β€œgalleries”, per Category Links

Plugins needed: to be able to add categories to images

If anyone is interested I can share the package :slight_smile:


Really cool use case :slight_smile: Happy to see Frontity being used beyond blogs!

Thanks for sharing @phn

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