Personal Portfolio Site

Hi guys!

I have built (still work in progress) a very simple portfolio site in Frontity. At the moment it’s just a really simple 2 page site using ACF flexible content. I’m probably going to add a work and blog pages later.


It’s pretty quick!

Experience with Frontity has been very good, I haven’t had to dive deep into much functionality yet because it’s a very simple site but everything was super easy to get started and the docs are comprehensive.

The only problem I experienced is when I deployed the site, I forgot swapping my domain from the wordpress instance to Frontity meant that the wp-source plugin would break! Instructions on how to setup a subdomain in vercel might be worth mentioning in the deployment section. I’ve now got for the wordpress source.

Thanks for everyones awesome work on the framework! It’s exciting and I’m definitely going to stick around and hopefully make some contributions!




Thanks for sharing your site made with Frontity!

Regarding this, we have created an issue to have a look at it and try to provide a better explanation on this →

Feel free to comment on the issue to add any specific information you missed from the docs so we can take it into account when we work on this.

Thanks a lot for your feedback

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Hey Ben!

I’m really glad to finally see your project live! It looks great! :blush: Thank you for sharing it and for giving us feedback, we really appreciate it!

If you do not mind, it will be featured in the next Frontity Newsletter and in the Showcase page. :slight_smile:

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Very cool!!!

Simple but nice one, great job Keep it up

I am trying my version soon :slight_smile: #love #frontity