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I have already updated the blog and it is working :+1:
I change the API server to my own WordPress, next steps Yoast API and Gutenberg blocks



@david is working on the yoast plugin and @SantosGuillamot is investigating the best way to support Gutenberg, probably with a package :slight_smile:

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Oh, and I saw you’ve added disqus comments! That’s great. We had a package in the past for disqus-comments and we’ll migrate it to the new framework as well in the coming months.

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Hey @jesus.designer, I’ve been taking a look at your site again. I think you can improve the LightHouse score if:

  1. You can update to the latest version of Frontity (which fixes a problem with the lazy loading of images).
  2. Disqus is loading a lot of JS/CSS files, so you could use our useInView hook to lazy load the it when the user scrolls down. Something like this (I’m doing this from memory, I haven’t tested it):
const Comments = () => {
  // It appears 600px before this div enters the viewport.
  const [isVisible, ref] = useInView({ rootMargin: "-600px" });
  return (
    <div ref={ref}>
      {isVisible && <Disqus />}
  1. Instead of using a CSS request to load the fonts, you can include them in your Frontity project and embed them in the HTML. That way you save a blocking CSS request and several Font requests.

What do you think? Do you want to try? :slight_smile:

@luisherranz Are these update instructions up to date?

Oh! Thank you, I get to work
:white_check_mark: Updated dependencies and fixed lazy loading of images
:white_check_mark: Implemented useInView
:white_check_mark: Embed fonts

But, I have a feeling that the rootMargin parameter is not working, can you help me?

I think so, it worked perfectly for me

Uh, maybe it’s rootMargin: "600px". Did you try?

Hey, awesome. The blog post went from 43 to 86 with just those changes :slight_smile:

We will add a Performance section in our docs to teach about all these small optimizations.


Simple and powerful tips, Thx :clap: