Pages won't load when homepage is defined

Hi everyone,

First time trying frontity, first time posting here, I’ll try to do my best!

Here is my goal : I’m trying to set state.source.homepage with the same slug as in WP.

When I set it in my frontity.settings.js, it will display correctly my homepage, so yeah \o/, but every other pages will result in a 404 and won’t even be fetched.
If I remove the state.source.homepage, everything goes back to normal, but i lose my homepage content.

What did I do wrong? what did I miss?

Thanks for your help

Hi @jseude ! We opened an issue yesterday and there is a work-in-progress Pull Request to solve it. Once it’s finished, updating Frontity should solve the issue you are facing.

Hi @SantosGuillamot ! Nice to hear that. I was so sure that this was my bad, I read all the documentation but didn’t think to look for an issue!

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We have just made a release with this fix. Could you please update your project following this guide and check if the issue is solved? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry for the delay, things have been a bit hot last few days, but I can confirm that the issue is now fixed!
Thanks a lot