Our talk with Carlos from Open Source Weekends

Yesterday we had a really interesting talk with Carlos from Open Source Weekends about the OSW community.

I think the main takeaways were:

  • They make sure people have fun at events.
  • They make sure people feel welcomed to the community.
  • They talk to everyone who joins and ask them what they want and how they can help.
  • If there’s no conversation going on on a certain day, they start something to keep people engaged and active.
  • They have gathered together different OS communities that otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to collaborate (for example, data analysts with frontend devs).
  • They gave away a lot of stickers (for laptops) and t-shirts so people can recognize each other and feel they are part of something bigger.
  • They promoted the community giving talks at other events themselves.

Oh, and they have a beautiful slogan: “Peace, love and Open Source.” :slight_smile:


Two weekends ago there were around 200 attendees to the OSW event at Campus, once we launch the beta we have to definitely present Frontity Framework :frontity: there and spend the day with that community!

Thanks for writing about us!

In June we will have another big event, so if you want to come and show Frontity :frontity: to the OSW communnity, you’re more than invited :wink:


That would be great, Carlos! :relaxed:

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