Our company site in Frontity! πŸ”₯πŸš€ https://awsm.in

It has been a tiring but fulfilling week! We celebrated the 4th year as a team and launched the redesigned website using Frontity.

Check it out - https://awsm.in

Honestly, when we chose Frontity to develop our website we had no idea we were heading towards something that always we thought unachievable.

We were able to hit a CLEAN 100 in speed tests in Google Page Speed Insights Desktop and Gtmetrix! That too when the WordPress install was hosted in a basic, slow VPS with over 100 other websites!! That’s how sweet is Frontity!

My teammate Vinuraj wrote a whole long case study about the experience in our blog. Link - https://awsm.in/frontity-case-study/

In addition to building the website, we also went ahead and created a Frontity Package for one of our plugins WP Job Openings.

Please check them and let us know all your feedback. We look forward to building more and more sites using Frontity and contribute back to the community in all the ways we can.

Have an awesome weekend. :slight_smile:

Stay safe and take care!

Aravind Ajith, Awsm Innovations


Awesome site @aravindajith, congratulations :smile:

I love it! Would you mind open a thread for it? I’d like to review with you some easy improvements that can be made to make the installation and collaboration a bit easier.

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I love it @aravindajith, great work :slight_smile:

We would love to include this post in our case studies section, it will be a link to your own blog post. Can you confirm that this is okey for you?

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Thank you @luisherranz! :heart_eyes:

Our Product Dev Lead - Anantajit will open a thread soon :slight_smile:

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Of course, @Pablo Please feel free to use it anywhere you need.

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@aravindajith I went through your website and I think it’s really well done, however, I was wondering how do you manage content for the pages? Is it with Gutenberg blocks? ACF?

Thank you @filipe! We manage content on the website with ACF. However, most of them can be managed with Gutenberg too. In the frontity starter theme we developed, we rebuilt similar layouts using Gutenberg.

Are you using ACF Flexible Content?
But if you use Gutenberg don’t you have to create the layout multiple times?
1 - React components, 2 - edit method on the Gutenberg block function and 3 - save method on the Gutenberg block function

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