On saved changes the page reloads always the homepage

Hi there,

When working on a different page from the homepage and I save the changes in my project files, the front end reloads the Homepage content even thought I’m for example on the About page.

Is this the way it should work or have I not set the project up correctly?


Hi @jeffceriello

I’ve managed to reproduce this issue but resolved it by following these steps:

  1. Remove the node_modules directory
  2. Remove the package-lock.json file
  3. Run npm i

Let me know if this works for you.

Thank you @mburridge

I do that periodically (delete node_modules and package-lock.json) when I make changes to my tailwind.config.js file but it doesn’t solve the issue.

Before I save a change I have to remember to go to the homepage, save and then click back to the page I was working on.

Hi @jeffceriello

So that didn’t work for you? In that case do you have a link to your repo please.

Hi @mburridge

That’s correct, that didn’t work for me. Here is the repo GitHub - jeffceriello/wwt-frontity-frontend

Thanks so much for the help.

Hi @jeffceriello

I’ve cloned your repo but I can’t run your Frontity project as your API is not publicly accessible, and some components in your theme (e.g. nav) require data from the API. Short of hacking your theme to remove all references to any data from your API so I can use e.g. test.frontity.org instead I can’t run your project. Can you make your API publicly accessible?

Hi @mburridge

I’m sorry I forgot to update the Frontity source url. Could you please try with this one?

Thank you

Hi @jeffceriello

I’ve consulted with the dev team and we think there might indeed be a bug in Frontity. I’ve created this issue in order to get it addressed.

I’ve just merged the pull request with the fix: HMR loads the data object that was used in SSR rather than re-using the data object for the current link · Issue #782 · frontity/frontity · GitHub

It should be fixed as soon as we do a new release.

Thanks @mburridge and @mmczaplinski for the triage and @jeffceriello for reporting the problem :slightly_smiling_face: