Olark Live Chat Integration

Hi Friends,

I need help for Olark live chat integration in frontity site. I have added script same like wordpress in footer.js file but not working properly.

can you please help me. and send me any reference.

Hello @bhagvan.vrinsofts

I’m afraid you’ll have to provide more information so the community can understand what issue are you facing and guide you. Could you provide a repo with your code?

In any case, I invite you to do some research about Olark packages made for React. It looks like there are some of them and they should work with your Frontity app

Hi @Pablo

Thanks for reply me.

I need reference for olark live chat integration in frontity. i have checked but not getting reference for frontity. so please help me.

As far as I know there are no specific guides to use Olark with Frontity. In any case, your Frontity site is a regular React App, and you should be able to install npm packages without any issue.

Okay Let me check.