og:Image (media preview) White or blank image - Fetching from Wordpress

Hi, guys!
I’m trying to do a frontity blog fetching posts from wordpress (geekstart.com.br). Everything is good using chakra-theme.

Image preview, thumbnail or og:image or featured media ( i don’t know the right name, sorry) appear white/doesn’t appear or load, when i try blog-posting to facebook, whatsapp or any other place,

When i use the link post right from wordpress works wells. (geekst.art)

Already searching for months but i won’t see the solution. Somebody has some hint or guide to try to solve this one?

I checked both sites, and neither are optimized for SEO in any way. So that Facebook/Twitter/etc are able to show images is pure luck.

Make sure you install a SEO plugin which also handles social meta tags, like Yoast, WPSEO or similar. And check make sure the headers are available in Frontity as well (there’s even a Yoast package which does that).

Johan, so grateful with your answer! Already added plugin for REST API e @frontity/yoast and it working now on facebook, twitter. Thanks a lot!!

Whatsapp still blank some posts but now i have a way to find out.

Whatsapp uses the same og:image meta tags like Facebook, however it will only show images under 300kb.
So make sure you set a smaller image there, like the thumbnail instead of the featured image.

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