Npx frontity create-package "theme" error

Hi, I’ve a problem with npx frontity create-package "theme". Run this command create a type of “infinite loop bug” that never ends.

Then if I press “enter” key the process stops and return an error that seems to be waiting for a password for an ssh connection, like this:

What’s going on and how could I fix it?

Hi @ZeroSlide

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Sorry you’ve encountered this error. The problem is because of npm 7. If you roll back to npm 6 or earlier this problem won’t occur. You can easily roll back your node/npm versions if you’re using nvm.

We’re working on a fix for this so that you can use npm 7 without this error occurring, but for now we suggest using an earlier npm version.

Thank you!.

That works perfectly. I’m excited to try all that Frontity has to offer!

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