NPM package install

Hi, I’m new to frontity. When I install packages with npm, the project breaks down, what is the reason?

hi @mehmet welcome to Frontity Community.

Can you please describe your issue a bit more, like which package you are installing, or you can also provide a git repo

Here is my problem. I am creating a new frontity project and everything works fine when I install any package I see Invalid Hook Call error. I tried everything you suggested here but still couldn’t solve the problem :frowning:

Actually, this Hook issue can occur with any npm package. And the solution really depends on the npm package.

And if this type of issue occurs for me for any npm package, I mostly avoid those packages. I try to find an alternative npm package that has no issue with Frontity.

I think there are a few bugs with the connectivity of NPM Packages and Frontity. I think the Frontity team should look into this on their next update.

I was also trying to find an alternative NPM package. I opened this thread thinking maybe there is a solution. Thanks for your reply, I guess there is no solution yet. Hopefully the Frontity team will fix this issue in the next update. :pray:

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