Not working: Update local package dependencies

I created a new frontity project, with npx frontity create tmp, then cd tmp, and installed frontity-chakra-theme, as described in the docs. After that, I followed these steps, to update local dependencies. The command npx npm-check-updates -u retrive the following:

npx: installed 235 in 7.329s
Upgrading mycomputer/tmp/packages/frontity-chakra-theme/package.json
[====================] 7/7 100%

 @chakra-ui/core         0.5.0  →    0.6.1 
 @frontity/components  ^1.1.14  →   ^1.2.0 
 @frontity/hooks        1.1.13  →    1.2.0 
 @frontity/html2react  ^1.1.14  →   ^1.2.0 
 emotion-theming       10.0.19  →  10.0.27 
 frontity               ^1.4.2  →   ^1.5.1 
 react-icons             3.8.0  →    3.9.0 

Run npm install to install new versions.

If I visit the node_moduls/@chakra-ui/core after npm install, I see there still the old version. Also with emotion-theming and react-icons.

If I run npm install two times, then it works. For the first time, it creates a symlink in node_modules to my local package, and by the second npm install it creates a node_modules in my local package, with the updated dependencies, and removes them from the root node_moduls directory.