- New Frontity Site - Lots of functionality!

Hi everyone,

I’ve finally launched the frontity version of our website which is

It took quite a while to make and a few things I had to work through them to get it working, but it’s finally here and I’m super happy with it! I really like working with frontity, it feels great to really get to grips with it, even if I personally found the learning curve a little longer than expected.

A couple of details on functionality:

  • Homepage slider panel with data from ACF
  • Category slider panel with data from the latest posts
  • JWT Login via twitch (work in progress)
  • Dynamic menu (data being pulled from WordPress)
  • Creators data (this is pulled from ACF as well and a custom post type)
  • I have an auto publish process which rebuilds frontity and that has been working great!

I have a couple of issues with a few small things that I need to work through:

  • Some of my fetch requests seem to error as the items aren’t found. I think this is due to a change in a post type slug or category as it’s trying to go to /videos/ instead of /games/. More investigation need!
  • Disqus comments are not currently working
  • Some styling issues that need cleaning up.

I hope you like the site, any and all feedback is much appreciated!

All the best, EpicWebs


Hey @EpicWebs congratulations on the launch!!

The site looks really cool, and the UX is just great :blush:

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Thank you! Hoping to improve it over time as well. I have a small issue with the featured videos section loading in a little slow, but hopefully get that sorted when I get more time on it again.

Another thing I would like to do is speed up my rest calls as they appear to be a bit slow when testing it!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hi @EpicWebs, thanks for sharing your project! It looks awesome :slight_smile:

  • Disqus comments are not currently working

In case it helps, the community member Jesús shared in this post how he integrated Disqus comments in his blog.

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Thanks, I’m loving frontity so far, it’s very easy to use!

I got disqus working in the end! I used the wrong disqus id, oops.


seems like your DB is deleted

i am also having same issue , may be some hacker is targeting wordpress sites and asking for bitcoin

BTW curious to see code if you are ok to share, as we are working on something simillar


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I just accidentially pushed something I shouldn’t of! :slight_smile: All fixed now.

I don’t have any open code, but if you have any specific features you are interested in I could probably come up with some examples.

i am particular interested in following 2 elements and how you managed it with ACF

The first thing I had to do to get any ACF fields working was to install the following plugin:

That helped a lot and allowed me to grab ACF fields. The next thing I did was create a custom handler for grabbing the homepage and loop through the return panels to output either the slider or the latest video section.

Another plugin that was pretty useful was:

It brings in data for relationship fields, so that you don’t have to go out and fetch them again. The ACF data is baked into the single request.

Then it’s just a case of building a slider component with React and the same for the tabbed panel section :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Hey @EpicWebs congrats, the site looks grate!
I don’t understand the quoted line. Why you need to rebuild frontity? You mean, after code change, it publish automatically?

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
I was originally hosting the site on a different hosting provider (I’ve moved to vercel, it’s so easy, plus it’s nice and quick).

Before I changed to vercel, I had to setup a git hook to be able to auto push the site and rebuild. Now Vercel takes care of all of that for me.

Yes, I also use Vercel, they really do an amazing job, for a fair price. :slight_smile:

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