Node js server

Hi Again,

While developing on the local machine does Frontity use the node js server?

I had to install the NPX before setup the project so is it the node js server? it doesn’t require node server while developing on the local machine?

Right now my headless CMS and Frontity project both are on my local machine so I am bit confused.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, Frontity needs Node for development:

But it also needs Node in production, like explained here: (sorry, we’ll move that to the docs).

If you want to…

  • Use React.
  • Have proper server side rendering (super important for performance and SEO).
  • Don’t have to rebuild and redeploy the whole app each time you publish or modify a post (like in Gatsby).

then there is no way to avoid a NodeJS server in production because React cannot do server side rendering in PHP.

But you don’t need to pay for a Node server. We have designed Frontity so you can use a serverless service like Now and pay only $0.0000004 per request. It’s super easy to deploy too:

We have more installations coming soon, but please bear in mind that the current “Direct to Frontity” one is the best option and the one we will always recommend.

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