New section for deploying Frontity to Moovweb XDN

Hi there, We had some interest in supporting Frontity on our platform so we recently added support for it. I鈥檝e submitted a PR to the docs Added instructions for deploying on Moovweb XDN by ianand 路 Pull Request #271 路 frontity/docs 路 GitHub . @luisherranz told me to post a message here to coordinate getting it added


Hi @ishan.anand

Welcome to the Community!
And Thanks a lot for the PR and the detailed explanations! :blush:

I鈥檝e followed the process and detected a few issues on the way (we can continue the conversation in the PR)

Deploy Frontity on Moovweb XDN is finally available at

Thanks @ishan.anand for this contribution :raised_hands: