New Mental Health resource site built in frontity!

Guthub -

I just built my 2nd frontity project. This is a mental health resource site, built with the 2020 theme as the starter, and just a free site for the content.

I built something similar a few months back when I was learning Javascript, but it was all just built with an html list, so it was not very practical. So i took the same design concept and used it in this format. Now I can add and update topics within blog posts, so it’s so much easier to work with.

I am going to work on more features soon, and organizing content even better than it is. But I am very happy with how it has turned out.


Hey Matt!

You’re on a roll! :tada: Really cool use of WordPress+Frontity, and also great to see that you are taking care of such an important topic. This site deserves his own domain :wink:

By the way how do you feel using Frontity now that you have created two projects?

Keep it up!

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Thanks @Pablo

It will certainly get a domain name. I will share that link whenever I get it set up.

and I love using Frontity. Honestly, before I started using it, I was trying to move away from using WordPress, but this has really motivated me to stay with it, and to see what else I can do with Frontity and how I can contribute.

I am currently sketching out ideas for my personal website/blog, so that will be my next project. I do plan on writing some tutorials as well on how I have built everything.

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Great to read this. Indeed, that’s one of our goals: That people who wants to use React in the frontend can keep using WordPress in the backend.