New Frontity Talk – Contact Form 7 & Processors

We have published a new video as part of the Frontity Talks series. In this one, we talk about using beforeSSR to fetch and store content, using a contact form as an example, and we talk about html2react and processors.

Frontity Talk: Contact Form 7 & Processors

In this episode of Frontity Talks:

  • Michael demonstrates how to use beforeSSR to pre-fetch data, in this case a contact form, that can then be included anywhere on your site.
  • JuanMa explains how to use processors to parse incoming HTML and process it.

Frontity Talks is a series of videos in which our DevRel team explain a variety of topics related to Frontity. We hope that you find this episode of Frontity Talks useful for you. If you want to watch any of our previous Frontity Talks, you can find them all in this Youtube playlist .

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