New custom theme package is not rebuilding

New theme package created on a fresh frontity project is not rebuilding after I changed ./packages/new-theme/src/index.js

:spiral_notepad: Description

I am new to frontity. I just created a fresh frontity project by following the instruction on

I created a new package using
npx frontity create-package new-theme

I made changes to the

I edited the index.js of the new package

then I started the project using
npx frontity dev

But the changes I made are not visible

:computer: Error messages & System info

No errors

:earth_americas: Code repository and/or site URL

Here is the live instance - infallible-morning-docyn6 - CodeSandbox

:point_right: Other information

I understand that the core team of Frontity has joined Automattic and as a result the project is not actively developed anymore. But any help, pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.