New Coder Learning - Twenty Nineteen Theme

Hello everyone,

My name is Shaun Guimond and I just wanted to share the test blog I created with the Twenty Nineteen theme for Frontity.

I have no experience with React, nor any real experience coding. My only experience is with HTML and CSS. I have completed a few websites before with WordPress, and have some marketing experience, but when I saw the Frontity framework I was pretty excited to try it out. I feel like this is an amazing platform and I hope to learn as much as I can to create my own custom theme for Frontity.

For this reason, I felt like sharing what I was able to do with no experience and hope to continue to learn the framework as it matures.

PS. I hope this is in the right section…


Hello @ShaGui and welcome to our community :blush:

Thanks for sharing your site, this is indeed the right place to do it!

How was your experience learning React and using Frontity? Please let us know if there’s something we could improve. And if you keep experimenting with React and have any doubts, feel free to ask them here, we will be happy to help you!

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I am still very early in my learning of React. What I am trying to grasp right now is how CSS operates in Frontity, though I have found Frontity to be very easy to set up even with the limited experience that I do have. Personally, I am looking forward to PWA support, and Woocommerce support. I’ll be sure to keep experimenting with the framework to hopefully better understand how it runs behind the scenes.

Thank you for the welcome :smile:

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Hi Shaun!

Many thanks for sharing your blog! It looks great! :blush::clap:

And thanks for your feedback too, it helps us a lot to understand what you hope to accomplish with Frontity. Keep us posted of your progress.

And as Pablo said, feel free to ask if there is anything at all we can help with! :slight_smile:

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I wanted to post an update. I went ahead and refactored the CSS into CSS-in-JS from the Twenty Nineteen theme. I made a few changes, to fit the type of look I wanted, but overall, it should have a similar look and feel to the original Twenty Nineteen Theme. My next goal will be to read the post about SEO for Headless Wordpress Themes to make sure that I am following best practices for a Headless Site. Afterwords, I am hoping to make my own theme for a page that I manage.

Let me know if you anyone has any suggestion or tips. Just for reference the website is I also have a Github repository at: I am new to Git, but I believe that I did things correctly. Again, any advice would be appreciated. :grin:


Thanks for the update Shaun! :clap:

The link to the GitHub repo doesn’t appear to be working, is that the correct URL?

I forgot to make it public… It should work now :slight_smile:

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