Need to 'force' fetch every request?

Hello !

I’m using a plugin called gtranslate to auto translate content.

No problems when accessing my main rest api at
However, i run into issues when i change the state.source.url to the translated version at

The content is there and properly translated on the API, however frontity will only fetch the site once then never update the content UNLESS i use the ‘force’ option for fetch.
That is, even when reloading page with clear cache, restarting npx frontity dev and so on, page update is not taken into account. It will only update after using force fetch. I do not have this issue at all when accessing the non translated version

I understand fetch will not do anything when trying to access a link that has already been fetched, but i do not understand why it behaves like this in my scenario?
It’s like it’s fetching data but get old one as a result unless force is used then it gets the current data
Any idea what has to be done?

I’d prefer not to use force on every request if there are alternative solutions

Thank you for your help!