Need Frontity CoCart package developed

I’ve been wanting to do this myself but as the sole creator of CoCart, most of my time is currently developing the API, documentation, guides and customer support.

I have a JS Wrapper available which can be used to reduce development time.

What I am looking for is to create a package that can be used to support CoCart and be adaptable for various product types and extensions.

I’m near completing another big update for CoCart so developers have a greater head start in setting up their WordPress environment and have the basics to display products and add them to the cart out of the box so I need someone who can develop the Frontity package.

I don’t know how long it will take or how much so I’m looking for someone with experience and can communicate well. I do have a budge in mind but we can discuss that in private.

Just so you know CoCart is freemium plugin so there is a free version and pro version. Right now I just want to focus on the free features.

You can find all the developer resources here:

As a side note, Frontity would also like this to be compatible so other e-commerce CMS can be integrated. This would allow the user to choose which without installing a specific package. Conversation notes can be found in WooCommerce Proof of Concept thread.

If you have any questions about this job please post them here.

If you are interested in the job or have questions about CoCart then contact me via DM.

I look forward to your responses.


Sébastien Dumont.


Hello Sébastien Dumont @CoCart,

I am really interested to work with you on this same.

Looking forward to receiving your response!

@mansi Do you have experience with Frontity and creating a package for it?

We can able to work with Frontity. We haven’t created a package from scratch. If we got a chance then we can check it.

Let me know your thoughts about it.

But you do have experience with Frontity, correct? You have developed a full site preferable a store site, yes?


Can you share some examples?

Our work is under NDA so I cannot reveal it to you, but if you are really looking towards it we can provide you with a 1-day free trial (10 hours) by working on a very small task given by where you can check our quality skills.

Let me know your thoughts about it!

hello @CoCart,

Looking to receiving your response!

Thanks I will take it under advisement.

Can we schedule a quick call when you are best available? We can showcase you our demo over there. I think this way will work.

Let me know your thoughts.


Did you get a chance to review the mail from my end? Let me know.


Hello, how are you?

Sorry for the late reply. I did not get anything from you in the DM’s.

I’m good thank you for asking. I now have a developer working on the package. Thank you for your interest.

Thanks for your revert.

You’re welcome.

Let me know whenever you require any assistance from my side.

Looking forward to having a good business acquaintance!!

Are you there on Skype/LinkedIn? So that we can stay in touch.

It’s okay, no worries.