Need Experienced Developer to Help Finish and Deploy Project

Hello Frontity Community!

I started a project quite a few months back with a non-profit to help them overhaul their website using Wordpress + Frontity. Recently, I’ve hit a lull in my progress with the site as I’m doing it pro bono as a side project to help build my confidence with React, but work for my job has been ramping up.

I’ve been able to work on the website about one or two days out of the week and every time I go back to it, something that wasn’t previously broken seems to be that way (I’m not sure if this is due to plugin updates or if there’s a significant lag between code changes and what is shown in production). This is troubling because the last piece of the project that I needed to get through is getting rid of this pesky CORS error - which I can’t begin to debug until I fix whatever else is wrong with the site.

Right now, we’re looking for someone who is confident and competent in debugging code and deploying sites to Vercel through Github. Most of the creative work is done and has been built out, so this job would essentially be to fix what’s broken and to deploy the site to production. They’re willing to discuss price, but know that the expected turn-around for the project is 1-2 weeks (so the need here is for someone who is confident that they can accomplish these tasks quickly). I will be available to give you any of the information that I have throughout your work on the project to help accomplish this.

Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested and we can set up a meeting!


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