Nameserver redirects

My client bought a domain and a Webhost by a hungarien company. I created a subdomain, like, and installed the WordPress there. When the frontity site was ready, I edited the NS records at the hungarian company, to point to ZEIT.NOW nameserver. Then the site was not working, as the frontity site could not reach the WP rest api, as the subdomain was also pointing to ZEIT.NOW. So I added a DNS Record with the Zeit CLI like: now dns add wp A MY.IP.ADDRESS. Now it’s working correctly. My question is, if it cause performance issue, or not? Shell we buy an other domain for the WP backend? Or is it possible to edit the NS records by the hungarien company, that only point the domain but not the subdomain to ZEIT?

Hey @koli14 , it’s totally fine to add a DNS record, you don’t have to buy another domain. Regarding the Hungarian provider you mention I guess it would be possible to do the same, just take a look at their documentation. :wink: