My first website with frontity

First of all, I’ve always been dedicated to WordPress development (plugin and template development), but I wanted to learn about WordPress Headless and what better opportunity than to do it with Frontity :smile:
Finally, I have managed to fully migrate my classic website to Frontity deployed over Vercel

Some of the conclusions I have drawn during the process are as follows.

Following the documentation, anyone with no previous knowledge of React can make their website with Frontity.

The rendering of the content and the performance achieved is amazing.

I especially liked how Frontity manages the css through the styles components, this way it avoids one of the biggest problems of classic WordPress development, which is the unnecessary loading of styles.

It is certain, that in my next projects I will recommend to my clients the use of Frontity for developments. :rocket:


Hey Francisco! Welcome to Frontity :blush:

Thanks for your nice words, I’m really happy to see that Frontity has provided you with so much value. Hope you keep sharing what you build with the Framework :slight_smile: