My first frontity page

Hi All,

Today I have launched my first page with frontity: It’s for a newly founded school and imo nothing special, but I kinda like it. The website is deployed over at vercel.

I have really enjoyed on creating the site, getting a bit more into ReactJS. Here are some conclusions from my side:

  • I really enjoyed the deployment over at vercel - the autodeployment is a great thing, and linking certain domains/subdomains to specific branches is a great thing (I used it to create an “under contruction page”)
  • I also like how the course-list ( is now generated (and sorted) based on the Custom Post Types, I have added on wordpress. Which allows the customers to easily add new courses

By the way: The results over at is looking really great as well:

last but not least: I wanted to thank you, all the ones who helped me answering all those questions, I have posted in the forum (A special one to @mburridge :wink:)


It really looks so appealing. :heart_eyes:

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Hey @phn it’s great to see your work! The design is really cool and it works great :slight_smile:

I really hope your customers/team are enjoying it as well!

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Thanks - yes @Pablo, everyone seems happy for now :grinning:

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So, after the site has been live a few weeks I wanted to improve the SEO a bit (as I am no happy with the search results so far).

As suggested on the SEO Guide I have configured the robots.txt and sitemap.xml.

I will try to change the meta description on the site a bit, as I feel it’s not really good for the starting page, any other suggestions on improving the SEO for the site?

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just get more social interactions.

Hi @phn,

Maybe you’re already aware of them but here are some general tips regarding SEO that might be helpful:

If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to ping Christian (our SEO expert). He will be happy to help. :slight_smile: