Localhost not refreshing and not updated

Hello guys !

As a junior, I’ve just discovered Frontity. I created my first project, everything was fine but I don’t know why, my browser stopped to update my localhost:3000 page. I changed the content, I saved many times my files and nothing changes when I try to launch my server with npx frontity dev.

What I’m using as tools :

  • Editor : Webstorm
  • Terminal : iTerm
  • Browser : Chrome

What I tried to solve this :

  • stop the server with ctrl+c and relaunch with npx frontity dev
  • close my editor, open the project is visual code and save it again.
  • restart the computer
  • tried on another port like localhost:4000

here a screenshot of what I get when I launch my server :

Thank you so much for your help girls/guys !

Hey @jct.sylvain can you try to create a new frontity project and check if the problem persists?

Hello :slight_smile:. With a new project, everything works fine. I guess I’ll keep going on this new one and keep an eye on all my production steps in case of the issue occurs again.

Thank you anyway :smiley: