Link processor does not turn absolute links into relative


On the site, I have absolute links in the content here:

If you hover over them, you can see that it shows the right domain for the link, but it reloads the page if you click it. And in localhost, I have now noticed that the links are not relative. Every other link on the homepage is relative because I have entered them as relative in the Gutenberg editor. But according to the documentation, the processor should turn absolute links into relative.

The GitHub repo:

Is it a bug with the processor, or am I doing something wrong?


Has anyone been able to look at this? :slight_smile:

Hi @kasper ,

The link processor it’s properly working is some other sites like in

I would recommend you to debug this a little bit more. You can apply a custom version of the following code

With some debugger, breakpoints or console.log included so you can check what’s going on with your specific HTML being parsed

This video may help you to learn more about how to debug a Frontity project

Hope this helps