Lazy loading problem and an article on the subject

I’ve gotten reports from friends that my website is not properly lazy loading images. I’ve had this problem and posted about it in the past.

I saw this article and thought maybe it would be worth dropping by:

Both my friend and I were using Firefox which may account from the difference.

Could you give us a bit more info about it please? What is the problem, they are loading slowly or they are not loading at all? Is there a place where we can test it?

If they are loading slowly you may want to use a CDN for the images. JetPack has one in the free plan and it also converts the format to webp, which is recommended by Google in terms of performance. We are using it and it seems great so far.

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Sure thing. The live version of the website is

The pop in happens semi randomly so it’s hard to capture. I believe that I’m already using cloudflare CDN through my host Dreamhost.

I’ve been doing some tests on both Chrome and Mozilla and still don’t see the problem sorry. It seems to be working properly on both, the only thing I can see is that images load in ~1 sec, and this should be improved by optimizing them or the CDN I guess.