Keep the frontity running

By using the command “npx frontity dev” the project is created and displayed correctly on http://localhost:3000 but when you exit the console nothing is displayed, as I can make the display of the frontity to be maintained when you exit the console, I have tried with “npx frontity build” and “npx frontity serve” and when you close the console you cannot access http://localhost:3000

Hi @rbatistaleguen,

I think I don’t understand your issue.

npx frontity dev launches a process (a local server) in development mode that allows you to navigate to see your web at http://localhost:3000. If you close the terminal where this command is being executed, this process is finished so the local server is no longer running

Maybe what you want to do is deploying your project to production so it’s available for everybody. Here you have some guides about how to deploy your project in some hostings

Hope this helps