Issues with Frontity state in TS while using tutorial [SOLVED]

Update: Wasn’t paying attention to the console warnings and it explains the solution: wrap the component in connect() as useConnect() is in a non-connected component (what does that mean?). For other’s reference, I edited the codeblock to contain this solution.

New here! I’m a little rusty on my JS, TS, and React knowledge, so bear with me…

I’m trying to follow the standard tutorial but using the TS installation of the Mars theme. I cannot get to upload (it only shows the link from the initial load) and did much looking over these related threads: Getting started with TypeScript, Typescript: use two differet types.

UPDATED relevant code, now working with connect() wrapping (Packages export is from a near copy-paste from mars-theme-typescript):

import { Packages } from "../../types";
import { Connect } from "frontity/types";

const Root: React.FC<Connect<Packages>> = connect(({ state }) => {
  return (
      <p>Current URL: {}</p>

How should I proceed?