Is there a Frontity way to update the database?

Is there a Frontity specific way for making updates to the database (like the reverse of wp-source’s fetch () ) i.e. sending the CRUD to wordpress, while updating the state etc.?

I tried taking a look at the wp comments package to see how it was done, but I couldn’t quite figure out which part of the code was responsible for saving them to the db.


HI @justlevine,

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Sorry for the lack of documentation regarding wp-comments package. It’s a pending task we have and it will be available as soon as possible.

Here you have a video that explains how the wp-comments package works

There’s also a CodeSandbox created to show an example implementing it. I recommend you to point it to your own WordPress site, so you can test the different settings and submit new comments (it isn’t currently allowed in

So, as you can see from the explanations in the video and the demo, there are some actions already available when adding the wp-comments package to your project that will allow you to send (actions.comments.submit()) comments data to your WordPress server

Hope this helps