Is it possible to use Materialize with Emotion styled components

Hi again :grinning:

Do you know, is it possible to use Materialize classes with Emotion components?
I start to look at that on this week, but I thought if you know the answer already. It would be nice to use both.


I’m not sure how those would interact together, mostly because Materialize CSS has its own JS, and that might interfere with your expectations on how React components should behave. I’d go for something like Material UI that supports styled components.

They explain how to style their components here. The example uses styled-components but I think it should work the same with emotion, so you’d just use import { styled } from 'frontity'.

If you give that a try, let us know if it works! :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for this info and I will let you know the results of my testing. :grinning:

Please do! :slight_smile: