Is Frontity in danger of falling apart on me due to not being in active development? Should I jump ship now?

Hi everyone, I have been using Frontity for years and am a little bit of an evangelist about it to my React developer friends who have interest in building personal sites or doing freelance work. However I have had a couple issues with it in the last year and the fact that it is no longer in active development freaks me out a bit and makes me want to change up my method of interacting with Wordpress, maybe through WPGraphQL or my own npm package for Wordpress requests.

I am launching a freelance development business at the moment and feel I should make this decision now. What would you all honestly recommend?

I have moved to my own system - but it is based on FaustJS - I think that is the way to go now.

Frontity was amazing and I have very happy I worked with it. I am in the process of converting my last Frontity site.