Is Frontity headless cms future

I hope all of you doing well and staying safe. I apologize for asking few dumb questions. I love WordPress and new at React. I think Frontity might be awesome to combine both of them for Headless cms. However,

Question #1: Is Frontity headless cms future?

Question #2: Is that frontity running stable version? Can i plan next client project with Frontity ?

I was looking for few frontity theme for inspiration on themeforest and did not found
Question #3: is that will be okay with Frontity to develop theme for themeforest or specially for sell ?(with the help of local react dev team, I am interested invest to make products)

Question #4: is that support wordpress gutenberg editor (content & style)

Sorry for asking, Let me know your suggestion.
Thank you so much

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@jewel It sounds as though you haven’t yet gotten your head around how Frontity works with WordPress. As the docs say, you need to have WordPress running for Frontity to harvest the content.

Also, themes in Frontity are completely different from WordPress themes. No matter what theme you have set in WordPress, it is the theme you have set in Frontity that controls your site’s appearance, because Frontity harvests only the content from your WordPress instance. None of any WordPress look-and-feel are going to have any difference in the Frontity version.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you use classic or Gutenberg with WordPress, because Frontity doesn’t have anything to do with the back end (admin) of WordPress. Whatever content you create in WordPress you can harvest with Frontity, but that’s it.

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@gregraven , Thanks for your reply. I apologize that i was not make you understand what i asked for. May be for my poor english, Sorry for that.

I understand that Frontity is for front-end and data(content) can fetch through Rest API. Its seems React is bit complex to fetch data becuase of diffrent endpoint of WP REST API and passing data each other as props. In Frontity, Its just lovely and I have to change url on config file. However, actually i was asked for if frontity already stable version like gatsby. I think i have lot more study Frontity and their theme code

This is actually matter to me. I did not expect frontity theme only will harvest the content. This will not be user friendly, I think it should have lot of control from backend as well. I wish if it was possible i will change content, style (design) using Gutenberg block and effect will be in front-end of frontity theme.

As Frontity do 100% focus on WordPress I expect it will provide solution like- i can add menu item, change style, seo data harvest from backend and lot more

Thank you

User friendliness depends on who the user is. If you are constantly making changes to the look and feel of your website, then no, it will not be very user friendly. If you’re mostly adding new content (and modifying existing content), then the WordPress dashboard is where you have to address any user-friendliness issues. If you want to control both the content and the appearance from the same back end, then you might consider sticking with WordPress.

As for adding menu items, you absolutely can do that in Frontity, but the links of those menu items have to go to content that already exists in your WordPress instance. If the data are not in WordPress, Frontity will not be able to present it.

I’m just a user like you, so I don’t know if Frontity is going to survive or thrive or catch on or what. In my humble opinion, it is far and away the best way to use WordPress as a backend while serving a JAMStack website. None of the plugins or static site converters or specialty hosting companies comes close to Frontity. To give just one example, if your theme supports it your Frontity site can use WordPress’ built-in search feature! This is a huge deal, and I expect that those running Frontity know how much better they are, and can leverage that for the future.

P.S. If you’re adventuresome, you could try something like this:


As @gregraven says in his answer, Frontity is not a headless CMS. We consider the framework the best way to use WordPress as a Headless CMS and combine it with React to build the frontend.

Absolutely, Frontity Framework is already stable and can be used in production. Just to give you a bit of context, we started using an internal version of the framework with a dozen of big publishers 3 years ago. The Open Source framework is the result of these years of work and experimentation.

Here you have some examples of websites using Frontity in production:

Our own website ( has been built combining WordPress + Gutenberg + Frontity. And the code is Open Source, you can take a look at it here:

My colleague @SantosGuillamot is working on a blog post explaining how did we do it.


Thank you so much. I will keep my eye on it and learn more.

Yes, you can. The Frontity framework has an Apache-2.0 which has no restrictions over what you can do with the code or the derivate work (themes/packages). Contrary to the GPL license, it doesn’t force you to make your derivative work also open source, so there’s no problem creating close-sourced themes/packages and selling them.


By the way, even though you can already work with Gutenberg as both @pablo and @gregraven suggested, we will also release a @frontity/gutenberg package that will make integration with Gutenberg more easy or even automatic, depending on your requirements. You can follow the discussions in these two threads:

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