Is Frontity a Good Fit for Our Customized Website?

Our website,, is long overdue for an overhaul and I’m curious if we could benefit from Frontity. I’m not a pro coder, but I’m familiar with React and static websites. Our website is customized and has a lot of moving parts. What is not clear to me is how dynamic events like member login and product sales are handled when the site is static. Is it that the pages are static but WP itself still performs functions like login and product sales (Woo)?

Could someone give me the quick answer as to whether we could take advantage of Frontity? Here’s a list of our functionality:

  • WP Multisite with 2 sites: Main Site and Courseware site which uses LearnDash
  • Membership using S2 member to restrict content - via menus and shortcodes within pages.
  • Blog
  • Woo Commerce for book sales and event registration.
  • Custom accreditation system, integrated with Woo and LearnDash to keep track of users’ earned credits from event attendance and courseware.


Hi @mitch

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Here you have a list of the Features of Frontity projects
Frontity will make it easier for you to create an isomorphic React App connected to a WordPress REST API.

The Blog part is the easiest one to “transform” to Frontity as you can see in our Step by Step Tutorial

The specific plugins and behaviours you have in your WordPress installation have to be dealt one by one as all the information should be available in the REST API so Frontity can have access to that.

Also, restricted areas don’t really have sense with Frontity as Isomorphic Apps (the ones that generate HTML from the server) make sense for SEO optimized content

Hope this helps

Thanks juanma,
Looks like it’s not a great fit at this time.
Take care.