Install Semantic UI React

Buenos dĂ­as,

Estoy intentando usar Semantic UI React en un tema para frontity, pero me generar error, las librarĂ­as de React JS donde hay que instalarlas en la Raiz o dentro de la carpeta del tema por ejemplo en package/mars-theme

Hi @xagustin93

Just a friendly reminder that we answer queries and questions in English here in the Frontity Community Forum. Why is the forum in English? Because it makes the forum more searchable for a greater number of people.

Regarding your query about Semantic UI React, what is the error that you are getting? Do you have a repo that we can take a look at to see your code? If we can see your repo then it gives us a better chance of helping you.


Hey @xagustin93!

Maybe your error was related to this bug: frontity/frontity#405 - Frontity doesn’t work with Semantic UI

It was caused by an alias in webpack configuration for the lodash-es library. We removed the alias and the fix will be released in the next version: frontity/frontity#456.

So, keep tuned!