Infinite scrolling with Frontity


I readed this: “Apart from extensions, there are many interface tools specifically created for Frontity: context routing, swipe navigation, infinite scrolling, html-to-react, gutenberg-to-react…”

So my question is if there is a infinite scrolling module ready to work with Frontity?

Hey @javier I’m sorry we didn’t answer to your question before. I’ve just replied to a very similar question here List of all existing extensions.

The infinite scrolling was available in Frontity PRO (our previous version of the framework, which was not Open Source), but we haven’t migrated it to Frontity Framework yet.

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Perfect! thanks!

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Hi @Pablo, any updates on migration of infinite scrolling to Frontity Framework?

Hello @sarang!

It looks like @javier was able to implement it in I don’t know if he has plans of sharing this part of the code.

In any case, I know that @orballo is also working on implementing infinite scrolling on another theme and he has been doing some Pull Requests to the framework. This other theme will be open source, so I’ll make sure we share the code of that part here :slight_smile:

@orballo once you finish the infinite scroll, could you share it here?

Ooops, I was mentioned here and completely forgot.

We should be releasing a beta version of @frontity/hooks soon! It features some hooks to implement infinite scroll capabilities: useArchiveInfiniteScroll and usePostTypeInfiniteScroll.

You can follow the development here:


This is the Feature Discussion: Infinite Scroll hooks