Infinite scroll in mars theme

Hi guys, this is my first post here.

I am trying to implement infinite scroll in mars theme. I want to use it in list.js file.

But it shows 12 items and does not show further.

I used usePostTypeInfiniteScroll. I am not sure should I use useArchiveInfiniteScroll!

What I want is initially shows 6 and then another 6 and so on…

WP Rest API:

Any help would be highly appreciable.

Live URL:

Hi @zakirsajib,

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Have you checked these docs?

There’s also a YouTube video and a demo project that you can use as a reference of how to apply Infinite Scroll in your project

Hope this helps

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Yes I checked and it made me confused.

It worked but if i scroll up then again the images loads and if i scroll down then again images load.

Also in list.js, i have 3 others sections where the all posts are showing up.

While scrolling i can see in the url page/1 and page/2 and so on… meaning its working but its not stable.

If you look at the source code (list.js), i hide the code usePostTypeInfiniteScroll part now. I can enable and then you can see how it behaves.

Hi @juanma

Okay i implemented the code in home page but there is an issue.

when you scroll down and scroll up, images, title keep changing/flushing… see the url , it says page/2 and page/3… it keeps changing thats fine but why flushing?

Any clue?