Image component: add support for `onError`


In the current Image component it’s not possible to access the onError event handler.

User stories

As a theme developer
I want to pass an onError handler to the image component
so that I can do something like hiding the image icon on error or requesting another image.

Possible solution

This could be implemented adding an onError prop to the component and mapping it to the img element.

The description and user story is fine, but the Feature Card link seems to be pointing to another feature. Maybe that’s something we have to fix. You copied it from another feature, right?

Yes, didn’t even check those links.

@SantosGuillamot how are we going to manage this? Is a tag going to be added automatically to new posts and we remove it once they are reviewed?

The current template doesn’t include links anymore, they will be added by us.

My first idea was this, but as we are planning to include a tag with the current state of the feature, maybe it’s not necessary. I mean, once a user opens a new feature (topic), we’ll have to review it, understand it, check if it has already been added and if not, create a Notion card, add the links to the topics and add a tag similar to status: needs-design. This way we’d already know that all the topics that don’t have a tag should be reviewed.

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The current template has this instead of user stories:

## Examples
<!-- Do you know examples that could inspire the community? Let us know! -->

It would be nice to have it changed and add a fake user story as a placeholder.

In my opinion writing user stories would be a bit weird for Frontity users. I’d try to do it as smooth as possible, so they can just write a description, and share examples if they want. Once they open a new feature we’ll need to discuss about it in the forum and divide it in other user stories based on other users needs.

For us, if you click on the Engine button, we have a canned reply with a placeholder.

Oh I see. I didn’t know about that feature. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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