If we could do Frontity again

If we could turn the time back, if we could do the Frontity again from the beginning, what should we continue to do, what should we do it differently? Thanks!

One thing I noticed when working with Frontity was that the start was awesome - I quickly got great results and could focus on my template. I was not that familiar with React before but the examples helped a lot. Big challenges and struggles came with custom stuff (request posts from different categories, include posts from sub categories and archives etc.).
After Frontity was not in active development anymore, I actually realized how much I was coupled to the whole framework. Now I am using another framework which allows me a clear separation between my application and the data layer. So requesting data from wordpress is now separated, can be changed but my app doesn’t need a rewrite. So to narrow it down:

  • Allow users a quick start with templates and samples (like before)
  • Focus on SEO and integrations (head tags, yoast etc) like before
  • I really liked the html2react way, helped a lot for custom components
  • Decouple things: data fetching, state etc. (I realized how much everything is tied together when I wanted to adjust the fetching of posts and modify some state logic… it forced me to rewrite a lot of things now)
  • Modularize (better) (I don’t mean the package structure, but things like state, data fetching, integrations…), so those things could be easily replaced

Of course, everything just from my point of view. I actually saw all these struggles after Frontity was not in active development anymore, I had to find a more exchangeable framework and wished I’d seen those risks before


Hi cobra,

Interesting points there.
Just for curiosity, which framework are you using now to work with Wordpress?

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