I created my first News Website in Frontity and Wordpress. And the results are shocking

Hi Guys, I am React JS developer, and learning Frontity for 6 months. Finally, I have created my first News website for my client BabaCric.

It’s looking very good and simple. And the most important thing is that it is really fast.
Here is the screenshot of a post page.

You can visit this page here -

The SEO results are really shocking, it is just increasing day by day.

You can visit the website here - https://babacric.in/

You can see the number of users is increasing since we converted it to Frontity.

The Organic users is increasing, hence we can say the SEO is optimized much more.

Hope you guys also enjoying frontity. In the meanwhile, if you face any issue with implementing or you wanted to hire me for your project, then you can contact me

Contact me

Mobile and Whatsapp = +91 8077775266
Email = [email protected]

Current Features of this site

  1. Fetching dada as per the current route
  2. Custom UI using chakra
  3. Fetch menu
  4. Yoast Integration
  5. Google analytics
  6. Google Admanager fixed ads
  7. Fetch related post
  8. Fetch custom API
  9. Social Sharing
  10. Google auto ads on page load (Latest)

Google Auto ads on page load

I am still working on frontity, in future whenever I will update any new feature, I will update it here, so stay tuned with me.

You can also follow me here

  1. Dev community - Santosh Devnath - DEV Community
  2. Github - https://github.com/santosh3700

That feels insanely fast and snappy. Congratulations Santosh :slightly_smiling_face:

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