Hubspot Integration

Hello Friends,

I need help for hubspot integration. can you please help me how we integrate hubspot in frontity website same like wordpress site.

I have added hubspot script in index.js file same like wordpress but not working properly. Any other idea for it.


What kind of HubSpot integration are you looking for?

If it’s only Event Tracking you should be able to simply add the script to your HTML output (eg. in header or footer).

For a full API integration you can either check out their NodeJS Client Library, or use the PHP library in a custom plugin and create your own REST endpoints where needed.

Hi @Johan ,

I need hubspot integration for contact form.

script type=“text/javascript” id=“hs-script-loader” async defer src="//">

I have added same script in header.js file but not working.

GitHub - HubSpot/hubspot-api-nodejs: HubSpot API NodeJS Client Libraries for V3 version of the API => frontity will be accept this one library