HTML5 UP Dimension template for Frontity @matnard/dimension-theme

I’m sharing my first Frontity project here.
I applied Frontity on a HTML5 up template and used react-transition-group to orchestrate the animations.
It’s a simple site but in my opinion it was a great way to get started with Frontity.
I might do another one as it was pretty fun to make.

demo :
npm i @matnard/dimension-theme


I love it @Matnard the combination of the animations with the pre-fetching works just great :blush:

Thanks for sharing your creation with the community!

Hi @Matnard! Congrats on your first Frontity project! It looks really cool! And thanks for sharing! :clap:

Is it ok if we feature it in the Showcase page and the Frontity newsletter? :slight_smile:

no problema go ahead. :wink:

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Gorgeous! Really nice work @Matnard!!