How we add per page CPT in particular archive page or another page?

Hello Friends,

I need add per page parameter set in particular page for custom post type api data.

please help me.


Hi @bhagvan.vrinsofts

You can add the params property to the @frontity/wp-source configuration and set the per_page property, and a property for the type of CPT that it should be applied to. Note that you also need to have set the postTypes property with the same type name.

      name: "@frontity/wp-source",
      state: {
        source: {
          url: "",
          postTypes: [
              type: "your-cpt-name", // this needs to match an item in the params.type array
              endpoint: "your-cpt-slug",
              archive: "/your-cpt-archive",
          params: {
            per_page: 5,
            type: ["your-cpt-name"] // this needs to include the same name used in the postTypes.type property