How to use Frontity when my hosting doesn't support Node?

hi, what if my hosting doesn’t support node.js. is it still possible to develop it using frontity? can I somehow set this up directly from a Wordpress manager?

thank you in advance.

Hi @syakhisk.witwicky

You need a node server to run Frontity. However, it doesn’t need to be with the same hosting supplier as your WordPress installation. In fact not many hosting companies offer both Apache/nginx and node platforms.

Your node server can be with a different supplier, and in fact many such as Vercel or Heroku or Netlify are free, or at least offer free tiers.

Check out our documentation on deployment to see how to deploy to some of these services.

You would also have to move your primary domain to point to the Frontity app running on the node server, and have the WordPress installation either on a separate domain or on a sub-domain of your primary domain.

Hope this helps.